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Taikoo Li atmosphere group

Why I like Taikoo Li: One is that it is conveniently away from home, just two bus stops away; the other is because this location is my grandma’s former home, and I have been fond of Taikoo Li since I was a child playing in Daci Temple. I like to sit in the Taikoo Li Cafe. It used to be Starbucks. I bought a tea box with 12 bags of tea for 90 yuan, and then asked the staff to give me a 30% discount. Invest 4 yuan for a cup of tea, which is very affordable. Later, Starbucks consumption was upgraded to a bar. I found another tea shop for drinking, which later turned into a rainbow gathering point. I ran to Wangping Street to hide by the river again. I don't like a noisy environment now, I like a shop suitable for trance.

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