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Landscape sketching in junior high school in 1998 (A4 gouache)


This painting was praised by the teacher because I imitated it well. I remember that it was Teacher Wang Yuankang who was rewriting the painting for my classmate who was sitting next to me. I followed the drawing of the tiger and the painting looked good. The teacher saw it during the final comment. Didn't realize the photo was still there. His grades in junior middle school were at the bottom of the class, and his personality became introverted. I don't want to make friends, and some classmates refuse to confess. But the professional courses can be in the top five in the class. The head teacher said to my dad after a parent meeting, "Maybe Tan Zheng will be a talent in the future." Knowing this evaluation, I am still a little complacent. The subconscious will think that he is a talent, although the culture class is a mess and the English is so poor. Why do you want to be a media editor? What a fool with little strength and heavy responsibility.

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