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First time abroad in 2009

Brave went abroad for the first time, and went to Tokyo, Japan with the organized corporate delegation. In this exquisite country, various designs make people comfortable. Architecture, cars, storefronts, posters and more. Thinking, is this the ultimate goal of China's development? During the week, I worked with the group during the day, and changed to three local escorts at night, one from Xi'an, one from Shanghai, and one from Tokyo, Japan. Three friends each took me on a tour of Tokyo's nightlife. This is thanks to the fact that I rented a mobile phone from the tour guide. Three different perspectives, a poor student, took me to find discount stores, visit amusement parks, and go home on time. A rich student with LV all over his body, chatting about the boredom of Tokyo. A Japanese working in Tokyo took me to Shinjuku 2-chome Bar Street. Unfortunately, the three are now out of contact. Let's forget about the rivers and lakes.

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