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Fake Clay Bodhisattva Heart


This is a photo taken on the bridge next to Beijing West Railway Station. Years later, it still inspires me deeply. Because like myself. In the eyes of the outside world, I am like a rich second generation, starting a business and not worrying about the future. In fact, only you know the level of panic in your heart. The road to walk is not so easy, even in a helpless state. It can be said that all the stupid things I have done in these years are to change a person. Only later did I understand what the Buddha said, that human nature can only be overcome by ourselves. In my opinion, it is not trying to change the environment by myself and failing. How ridiculous is the idea of ​​reducing the goal to a microscopic level, discovering and proving your past, and changing the ecology of the animation industry. So draw your own story into a cartoon. Share it with strangers on the web. Remind, don't be too idealistic in career and relationship. Remember.

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