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Environment changes people


It should be in 2007. I went to Suzhou to interview two animation companies, Hongying and Hongguang. After work, I went to the Suzhou Museum designed by I.M. Pei. When sitting in the gazebo in the middle of the courtyard, the breeze blows. The tranquility of the sound and the cleanliness of the architectural space give me a state of meditation that I have never experienced before. This is the quality of a work that cannot be evaluated in professional design terms. Thinking of the relationship between the environment and people, the environment must be able to change people. But public opinion always tells people not to try to change the environment in vain, but to be themselves. But if people can't try to change the environment and let it develop in an ideal direction, shouldn't people be influenced by the environment? The environment determines whether we are in a state of impetuosity or peace. I think the environmental progress of aesthetics is an important part of the progress of civilization. So before university, I actually wanted to study environmental art. At least you can change your home space first.

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