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Discuss physical health, think of my teacher's encouragement


Tonight, the entire internet is talking about depression. Think about my journey, what makes me so persistent? When I blog, I look through past documentation and write what I see. Seeing the encouragement from the directors of the Animation Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and reading the words of my teacher Xiaoou, it is really great. I am good at recording, which is also the encouragement of my predecessors and the vanity of those who support me. It has been almost two years since the teacher passed away. I remember that when he was in his 40s, he became the director of the Animation Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He's also a very low-key guy as far as his talent goes. After he left, I lost a supporter for Dongke. Unfortunately, at the same time, I didn't really expect Tonk to do much. Everyone's health comes first.

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