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Vertical Media Services

Since 2004, Moke has explored the direction of vertical media, providing various brand services to the industry through online content dissemination, offline conference salons, and brand and marketing services. Our first curatorial exhibition, 2011 “Smart and Clear” Animation Aesthetics Exhibition, was held in Chengdu Langqiao Art Space. In 2012, the Ministry of Planning, Design and Culture hosted the “Beijing International Animation Expo”, and the animated film “Adventures of the Mysterious World” was promoted in Chongqing, Chengdu, which was recognized and praised by the industry.


Our story

More than 20 years ago, Tan Xiaozheng started to choose the direction of design with inspiration, and began to think about professional media issues in the field of design, from fashion design to industrial design to environmental art. China does not have professional media in their respective professional fields to promote professional progress, and students also lack channels to learn and understand various professional industries. By accident, Tan Xiaozheng entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts to study animation. In 2003, SARS led to self-study at home, and he came into contact with online forums. This form of Internet communication made Tan Xiaozheng realize that it is possible to build online media conveniently and at low cost. After graduating, he began to learn how to build an online forum by himself, and later came up with the brand name "Dongke", which represents animation people. Just a few weeks later, the number of forum registrations rose to 100, attracting 2,000 active animators to share and communicate. Tan Xiaozheng chose to start his own business without hesitation, and fell into an ideal career direction without sufficient consideration, which almost caused him to lose employment opportunities and financial stability. Although I made many mistakes, I registered Chengdu Dongke Company in 2011 on the way of constantly solving difficulties.

The second product of Dongke is the electronic magazine in 2006. It is a naked media ambition. It is undeniable that it wants to bypass the paper media and find a profit model from the first experiment of new media. The electronic magazine gave Tan Xiaozheng the opportunity to interview and get in touch with domestic excellent colleges and enterprises, as well as creators. It has received the support of teachers including Mr. Xiaoou, director of the Animation Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Wu Guanying from the Department of Information Art and Design of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Chen Changzhu from the Animation Department of Chuanyin Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts, and other teachers, and has become their recommended forum website.


In Beijing in 2009, Dongke held an offline conference for the first time with trepidation. With the help of partners, there are 20 people participating in the meeting, which makes Tan Xiaozheng take another step forward in exploring the direction of online and offline communication.


Now, Dongke has a new plan to organize its business as a non-profit organization. It wants to continue to promote the steady development and progress of the industry ecology. It is an important task for the organization to train and help more young creators work. This requires the participation of more people.

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