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Black rabbit & Pink pig

Black Rabbit & Pink Pig is an interracial emotional comic book story. The cute four-frame comic style records the plain reality. The trilogy of stories is over.

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fan comments

Hey, PINK, after reading your comics, I struggled for a long time and decided to bid farewell to the current job rotation exercise and return to the original unit. I said goodbye to BLACK who put pressure on me recently. I suddenly felt less tired, as if All of a sudden, a heavy burden was lifted, and the PINK in my heart got a long-lost respite. Although the PINK in my heart who is only pursuing love is still very tired, at least part of it has been relieved. I really hope that you, who are far behind the radio waves, can also share this joy and happiness. PS: Your PINK really has PINK on the other side of the healing wave.-----@Anonymous fans



There will always be a person who breaks into your world without any rules, and goes to his mountains and seas without hesitation, PINK Zhuzhu must get better!



From your works, you can feel the disappointment with the society, the expectation for the future, and the loneliness in your heart.



The story is short, but the life inspiration you get can be used for a long time.



The cold appearance is just the last precaution of the tide-like heart, time and again with overflowing love to accommodate every passer-by who never stops, but always looking forward to the romance that belongs to him, PINK, ah, PINK, it’s okay to hug , at least we used to love.



The first time I brushed it, I paid attention decisively. This style of painting is simply touching my heart. The stories I tell are all small things around me, not so warm but plain and true.



God, this comic form records love, it really feels like SKAM.

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