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I never met my grandfather, who died in 1976. His story happened while my deranged aunt spent the rest of her life searching for sources. The fourth aunt is now repeating the old trick, sorting out Grandpa's past. And only their generation's affection and memory of their grandfather allowed them to do so. It was difficult for my generation to do that. Just to show off the glorious revolutionary career, the Whampoa Military Academy, the Ye Ting Iron Army, the August 1st Nanchang Uprising, the Sanheba Battle... It's good to be alive, maybe this passion is in the blood. So I did something to revitalize the Chinese animation industry and change the environment. Stupid psychopath.

Why I like Taikoo Li: One is that it is conveniently away from home, just two bus stops away; the other is because this location is my grandma’s former home, and I have been fond of Taikoo Li since I was a child playing in Daci Temple. I like to sit in the Taikoo Li Cafe. It used to be Starbucks. I bought a tea box with 12 bags of tea for 90 yuan, and then asked the staff to give me a 30% discount. Invest 4 yuan for a cup of tea, which is very affordable. Later, Starbucks consumption was upgraded to a bar. I found another tea shop for drinking, which later turned into a rainbow gathering point. I ran to Wangping Street to hide by the river again. I don't like a noisy environment now, I like a shop suitable for trance.

In November 2015, I developed an acute transient mental disorder and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. I stayed for a month and experienced the hospital life of a real mental illness. Regular, but also dull. The pleasant time every day is to smoke and drink Coke on the balcony. It would be perfect if it was iced cola. After leaving the hospital, it basically took two years to gradually return to a normal state. I also suffer from depression and insomnia. Of course, I didn't say that I was mentally ill to outsiders, but that I was depressed. The doctor is also very open, and the suggestion he gave me was to join their overseas travel group. But I choose to go on my own and take it easy. I am worried that it is very challenging to organize a group tour with a group of people with mental problems, so I dare not.

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